Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
Dr. Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development
JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
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ASHT Annual Meeting
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How to Order JAS Products


To order a JAS device, just follow these simple steps:


Step 1. Complete JAS Order Forms. There are two sheets to be completed for each JAS order, a patient information sheet, and a device measurement sheet (upper or lower extremity).

JAS order forms are available from your local JAS representative, or you can download PDF versions. The PDF versions have form fields that can be filled out electronically by tabbing through the documents. Once completed, the form can be emailed from the link on the document or by saving a copy to your computer and attaching it to an email.

Patient Information Form
Upper Extremity Measurement Form
Shoulder Measurement Form
Lower Extremity Measurement Form

JAS Common Measurement Guide Refer to this JAS-provided guide on how to obtain optimal and accurate measurements for Upper and Lower Extremities.

JAS Common Measurement Guide

JAS Video Measurement Guides (YouTube)

**Note** The functionality of these forms are dependent on the configuration of your computer. These files can take a while to download and display. For this reason, it is recommended to download the form, fill them out and save them, then attach the completed form to an e-mail manually.

Get Adobe ReaderSoftware Requirements:

Acrobat Reader (version 8 is recommended)

Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher is recommended)


Step 2. Obtain Physicians' Prescription or Certificate of Medical Necessity Form and Most Recent Chart Notes. A complete prescription should include the following: patient’s name, date of birth, diagnosis, device ordered, and duration of use (e.g. 1 to 5 months). Insurance companies, especially Medicare, have many different requirements for documentation, and the example CMN below may not meet all of them. JAS may need to request other documentation based on the patient’s insurance information.

Certificate of Medical Necessity and Physician Written Order


Step 3. Send Documents to JAS. Send order form, patient information sheet and measurement form, prescription or certificate of medical necessity, and chart notes to FAX 217-347-3384 or e-mail orders@jointactivesystems.com

Your order will be processed and shipped to the requested address once insurance benefits are obtained. JAS will handle all authorization and billing procedures. Your local JAS representative will contact you to arrange for a patient fitting appointment.

In order to comply with state or insurance regulations, JAS may need to route orders through a local licensed specialist. Contact your JAS representative for details or call our office, toll-free, at: 1-800-879-0117


If you have any questions or would like to speak to a JAS representative call our office, toll-free: 1-800-879-0117