JAS Completes Acquisition of Empi Advance ROM
JAS Completes Acquisition of Empi Advance ROM
JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
JAS Receives ABC Accreditation
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WCI 2018 Conference
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JAS News: CEU opportunity for Case Managers


9/23/2010 -
The Scientific & Clinical Basis for Selection of Adjunctive Treatment Modalities in Addressing the Stiff Joint
Joint Active Systems, Inc
A 2 Hour Course for Case Managers and RN’s Accredited for 2 CEUs through CMCC
This course has been designed to provide certified case managers and RN’s with fundamental instruction in current techniques utilized in the treatment of soft tissue stiffness. Material presented encompasses the scientific and physiologic basis of stress relaxation and creep based loading, static progressive stretch (SPS) and dynamic splinting techniques, clinical rational for selecting appropriate candidates for device use, and review of wearing protocols and patient outcomes for SPS and Dynamic Splinting devices. The knowledge gained throughout this course will improve the certified case manager’s ability to make informed decisions when reviewing patient referrals for adjunctive therapeutic devices, relating to rehab effectiveness, and appropriateness as part of their patients’ overall rehabilitation program.
  1. Understand the scientific and physiologic principles of stress relaxation and creep based loading as they pertain to achieving permanent length changes in shortened soft tissue.
  2. Describe State Progressive Stretch (SPS) and Dynamic Splinting Techniques, explaining how they differ in loads applied to tissues and tissue response.
  3. Identify indications, contraindications, and precautions for the use of adjunctive SPS and Dynamic Splinting devices.
  4. Identify difference between SPS and Dynamic Splinting devices, in relation to biomechanical design, wearing protocol, cost and clinical outcomes.
  1. Basic principles of soft tissue loading – stress relaxation and creep.
  2. Methods for addressing soft tissue dysfunction: static progressive stretch and dynamic splinting.
  3. Indications, contraindications, and precautions for use of adjunctive splint devices for ROM restoration.
  4. Biomechanical implications of external splinting.
  5. Cost considerations when selecting adjunctive splinting devices.
  6. Patient consideration with externally applied stretching devices – joint compression, skin integrity, comfort, wearing time, ease of application.
  7. Static Progressive Stretch device applications – hands on demonstration.
Peggy Sullivan is a licensed physical therapist with eight years of clinical experience. She served for 10 years as New England clinical specialist for a national rehab product corporation, providing clinical education, consultation, & patient service to the rehabilitation community. Currently she is Vice President for Joint Active Systems, Inc, manufacturer of the JAS patented systems for restoring Joint ROM.
Sandra Intriago is a licensed Occupational Therapist with five years of experience specializing in upper extremity orthopedics and trauma.  She worked for three years as a rehabilitation device sales consultant in Florida for a national rehabilitation product corporation before joining their Insurance & Reimbursement department as a Contract Specialist & Reimbursement Specialist for six years. Currently she serves as Regional Contract Manager within the Insurance Department at Joint Active Systems, Inc.

Jason VanVooren is a licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer with four years of specialized clinical experience in the orthopedic sports medicine setting.  He served as a medical device sales consultant for an international rehabilitation product company for three years. He transitioned into the role of Senior Contract Specialist within that company’s Insurance and Reimbursement Department for an additional six years.  Currently, Jason serves as a Contract Manager within the Insurance Department at Joint Active Systems, Inc.
For Course Information or Scheduling Call:
Julie Zacha 
Marketing & Sales Coordinator
Joint Active Systems, Inc
800-879-0117 ext 413