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JAS Means Faster, More Effective Joint Therapy

Joint Active Systems devices will help you restore joint range of motion quickly, easily, and painlessly.

Joint Active Systems offers the most options for range of motion rehabilitation and restoration. From the fingertip to the toe, JAS has the proper solution for you. We provide four unique product lines that allow the effective delivery of low load prolonged stretch to range deficient joint:

First, we offer two proprietary lines of dynamic splints: our new JAS Dynamic line and JAS Advance Dynamic Splints. JAS Dynamic incorporates design features that offset the stretching forces from the joint’s surface. This minimizes pain and discomfort caused by compressive forces other dynamic splints apply. Patients experience more comfortable treatment sessions. JAS Advance is a more traditional dynamic splint that incorporates a unique feature permitting the patient to optimize spring tension the splint applies by simply rotating a lever.

Next, our pioneering JAS SPS line (static progressive stretch) delivers clinically proven treatment. In just three 30-minute sessions per day, JAS devices safely restore joint motion using stress relaxation and low-load stretch: the very technique therapists use when providing hands-on therapy in the clinic.

Finally, our JAS EZ line of custom orthotic turnbuckles let a referring practitioner decide optimal treatment protocols for patients suffering from ROM deficits. These turnbuckles incorporate JAS proprietary design that offsets compressive forces from the joint to achieve maximal patient compliance. Each orthotic is custom fabricated to the patient’s measurements.

Which Stretching Device is Best for Me?

Fortunately, both Static Progressive Stretch and Dynamic Splinting methods of adjunctive stretch therapy are proven to be effective in restoring joint motion when added to a structured rehabilitation program. Your doctor or therapist will guide you toward the ideal home stretching method for you – SPS or DS – based on your diagnosis, presenting symptoms, and the therapy approach that best suits your lifestyle.

To learn more about the benefits of JAS Range of Motion therapy, explore this web site, and talk to your doctor or therapist.

The JAS Advantage

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