About JAS

Joint Active Systems (JAS) is the innovator and market leader for adjunctive range of motion therapy. JAS provides a complete array of Range of Motion Therapy treatment options – Static Progressive Stretch, Dynamic Splinting, and Custom Turnbuckle Orthoses – to meet the unique needs of each individual patient. Since its inception in 1992, JAS has helped to successfully restore joint ROM for over 300,000 patients worldwide. With unequaled design technology JAS moves beyond convention to assure the best results for patients challenged with range of motion loss.

The Best Choice For ROM Therapy
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Static Progressive Stretch (SPS) and Dynamic Splinting are fundamental and proven treatment approaches for permanently stretching shortened joint tissues, to restore ROM and function for patients following injury, surgery, or disease.  SPS and Dynamic Splinting are the precise stretching techniques used by therapists when providing hands–on ROM therapy in the clinic. It makes best sense to send patients home with the same stretch protocol used by professionally trained therapists. By offering the full spectrum of ROM therapy options with our complete lines of JAS SPS, JAS EZ Turnbuckle, international market JAS GL, JAS Dynamic, and Advance Dynamic splints, JAS is your single source provider for fast and effective joint motion recovery.

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