THE Single Source Provider for Fast and Effective Joint Motion Recovery

JAS, the pioneers and innovators of static progressive stretch technology, now offer a complete spectrum of SPS, Dynamic and Orthotics that provide ROM recovery solutions used by clinically trained therapists. Drawing from our extensive and complete lines of JAS SPS, JAS EZ Turnbuckle, international market JAS GLJAS Dynamic and Advance Dynamic splints, JAS is THE single source provider for fast and effective joint motion recovery.

Discover the World of JAS

JAS SPS is the original SPS care option from the ROM Specialists. With our signature Motion Tower™ offset fulcrum geometry that Unloads the Joint™ patients can be assured of an effective, pain-free, self-directed stretch that helps meet their ROM goals. Our JAS EZ Turnbuckle provides the quality of JAS SPS in a single-patient solution through advanced turnbuckle design. Our patented Motion Arc™ technology brings the JAS offset fulcrum design to individual patients from physicians who direct their therapy with the best ROM goals in mind. JAS GL, featuring ruggedized construction, was designed and built for the demands of multiple patient usage in international healthcare markets. JAS Dynamic was introduced to provide the marketspace with full-range, dynamic Range of Motion therapy in an effective, offset-fulcrum design; coupling all the advantages of dynamic therapy to our JAS SPS line. Finally, Advance Dynamic splints are a low-profile, lightweight design to make dynamic ROM therapy easy and accessible for the single patient marketplace.

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Unequaled Patient Compliance

No matter what the protocol or device, for any home therapy program to be effective, patients must be compliant! All JAS devices are designed to be easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and simple to use, to maximize patient compliance. JAS device technology enables total patient control of their ROM therapy; when patients can control the intensity of stretch, muscle guarding and pain are virtually eliminated.  A variety of time efficient JAS treatment protocols have been proven effective in peer-reviewed literature, and show unequaled patient compliance. Patient compliance directly equates to better results and successful rehab outcomes.