Faster and Proven Outcomes for Patients Patient-controlled Therapy
JAS devices allow patients total control in carrying out their ROM therapy. Because patients control the intensity of stretch, muscle guarding, pain, and anxiety are virtually eliminated. During each 30-minute JAS session, patients continually adjust their device to pain-free positions of end range stretch. Each position is held for 5 minutes to allow for tissue relaxation to occur, and is then advanced to a new position of stretch. Maximal Total End Range Time (TERT) is achieved for optimal therapeutic benefit. Shorter Treatment Times The proven JAS protocol suggests three 30-minute sessions per day to achieve steady and permanent gains in joint ROM. This protocol is supported by 15 years of successful clinical results and several published studies. The JAS system of stress relaxation and low-load stretch reduces treatment time by 80% as compared to alternative systems. Improved Outcomes Stress relaxation and low-load stretch is proven to achieve permanent tissue elongation significantly faster than creep/dynamic splinting. Studies prove that patients who utilize JAS devices achieve ROM restoration in a shorter overall time period, and return to normal function and work sooner than patients who use alternative systems. On average, patients utilizing JAS achieve maximal ROM outcomes in 2.5 months.