For Insurance Adjusters & Case Managers

JAS works seamlessly with payors nationwide, to provide cost effective and clinically proven ROM therapy. Only JAS offers a complete portfolio of state-of-the-art adjunctive ROM therapy options – JAS SPS, JAS EZ, JAS GL (for international markets), JAS Dynamic, and Advance Dynamic ROM – to address the unique rehab needs of every patient and insurance plan.

Dramatically reduced treatment time, coupled with proven results make JAS ROM therapy an optimal choice for patients challenged with motion loss.  Our goal – like yours – is to expedite a patient’s return to full function and health.

Need More Reasons to Choose JAS?

Superior Product Design
The patented product design features – available only from JAS – offer comfort, ease of use, patient-controlled therapy, and short treatment time – fostering unmatched patient compliance and delivering superior clinical outcomes.

Evidence Based Results
Successful JAS ROM therapy results – including obviating the need for costly surgical intervention for arthrofibrosis – are proven in over 30 peer-reviewed, published studies. Explore our Research and Resources section

Unmatched Patient Service
With over 280 trained JAS field representatives, JAS offers comprehensive, nationwide coverage including: device delivery, fitting and application assistance, patient education, ongoing follow-up throughout the entire course of therapy, and device retrieval. JAS also offers full time (8AM – 5 PM CST) telephonic tech support for all customers.

Explore the rest of this section to learn how JAS is delivers clear cost benefits, increases patient patient compliance and outcomes, and is the right fit for workers’ comp concerns.