Cost Benefits: Reduce Payor Costs with JAS

Reduce Rehab Costs with JAS

Patients utilizing JAS achieve maximal ROM gains with approximately 2.5 months of device use. JAS users are discharged from therapy earlier, and present with no loss of ROM upon one year follow-up. The average PT or OT visit costs $100.00 per session and continuing therapy due to persistent ROM loss can become costly to the payor. Using JAS represents significant cost savings to insurers AND reduced financial burden to employers.

Reduce DME Costs with JAS Bi-Directional Devices

JAS SPS devices are bi-directional, allowing ROM therapy in two directions of joint motion with one device. Most competitive splint brands work in one direction only – requiring two devices for patients with bi-directional ROM loss – doubling device costs and prolonging rehab.

Prevent the Need for Corrective Surgery with JAS

Arthrofibrosis, if not responsive to conservative therapy, can necessitate additional and costly surgery such as lysis of adhesions or manipulation under anesthesia. Published studies show that JAS SPS knee therapy can restore knee joint motion and eliminate the need for manipulation under anesthesia for patients with arthrofibrosis (Foran et al, 2018, Bonutti et al 2010). SPS elbow therapy was shown to eliminate the need for release surgery in over 75% of chronic elbow stiffness patients (Doornberg et al 2006).