Workers Comp

Back to Work, Back to Life™ means Faster, Earlier, Sooner … With Reduced Costs!

With the use of JAS ROM therapy, an injured worker is able to regain functional ROM faster, to be discharged from therapy earlier, and return to full duty work sooner. The result is a huge positive impact on patient compliance, cost savings and therapeutic outcomes. Our goal, like yours, is to expedite an injured worker’s restoration of full function and return to their full duty job demands.

Joint range of motion (ROM) loss directly correlates to the inability to perform activities that are required for an injured worker to return to full duty work. Ultimately, ROM loss can impact a disability claim: ROM is a key measure to determine an injured worker’s settlement. Studies show the use of JAS restores more motion, therefore reducing employers’ costs.

JAS offers unmatched service with quick turnaround time to get your patients moving and back to work. Our JAS customer service team works efficiently to process orders, and our trained field representatives provide comprehensive service including JAS ROM device delivery, fitting, patient education and ongoing follow-up.