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JAS Is Your Range Of Motion Recovery Specialist

Joint Active Systems devices will help you restore joint range of motion (ROM) quickly, easily, and painlessly – in the comfort of your own home.

JAS Gives You Total ROM Therapy Options

Joint Active Systems offers the most treatment options for ROM recovery.  From fingertip to toe, JAS has the proper solution for you. We provide five unique product lines dedicated to ROM recovery – including both Static Progressive Stretch (SPS) and Dynamic Splint (DS) options – that enable the effective delivery of low load prolonged stretch. Our patented devices safely restore joint motion using the very stretch techniques therapists use when providing hands-on therapy in the clinic.

Both SPS and DS are proven to be effective in restoring joint motion when added to a structured rehabilitation program.  Your doctor or therapist will guide you toward the ideal home stretching method for you – SPS or DS – based on your diagnosis, and the therapy approach that best suits your lifestyle.  Whatever your ROM recovery needs, JAS has you covered.

Superior Product Design

The patented product design features – available only from JAS – offer comfort, ease of use, patient controlled therapy, and short treatment time – assuring you the most efficient and successful ROM therapy results.  For example, our motion arm design eliminates painful joint compression that is unavoidable with all other brands of stretch devices. And JAS SPS devices work in both directions of motion, cutting costs in half compared to most other brands of stretch device.

Proven Results

Successful JAS ROM therapy results – including shorter rehab time, and avoiding the need for surgery or manipulation for severe stiffness – are proven in over 30 peer-reviewed, published studies. JAS prides itself on 26 years and over 300,000 successful patient outcomes. See what other patients have to say about JAS, and explore our Research and Resources section.

JAS is Here to Serve You

As your ROM Recovery Specialist, JAS offers unmatched service with quick turnaround time to get you moving and back to life. Our JAS customer service team works efficiently to process orders through your insurance, and our team of 280 trained field representatives provide comprehensive service including JAS device delivery, fitting, patient education and ongoing follow-up during your entire course of JAS care.

To learn more about the benefits of JAS Range of Motion therapy, explore this web site, and talk to your doctor or therapist.