Explore the information below and see if you should ask your doctor about the benefits of JAS therapy.

Who Should use a JAS Device?

If you have stiffness and limited motion in your joint following injury, surgery, or illness, and you are not making satisfactory range of motion (ROM) improvement with therapy visits and / or home exercises, your doctor or therapist may prescribe a JAS device as part of your home therapy program.

How Will a JAS Device Help me?

Used daily as part of your home exercise program, JAS device therapy provides you the necessary dosage of gentle, therapeutic stretch to lengthen shortened joint tissues and make steady gains in joint motion.  Adding JAS to your therapy program will speed your rehab progress, and has been clinically proven to prevent the need for manipulation or corrective surgery.

When is the Best Time to Begin JAS therapy?

The safe and ideal time to initiate JAS ROM therapy is:

  1. Once your doctor has cleared you to begin passive stretching post injury or surgery; and
  2. After 2-4 weeks of therapy treatment, if you are not making expected gains in your joint ROM.

Which Model JAS Device is Best for me?

Your doctor or therapist will guide you towards the JAS ROM therapy option that is best for you – JAS SPS, JAS EZ, JAS GL, JAS Dynamic, or Advance Dynamic  – based on your diagnosis, your presenting symptoms, and the therapy approach that best suits your lifestyle.

When Should I use my JAS Device?

JAS treatment sessions can be done any time of day, when and where it is convenient for you. It is important that you are inactive and relaxed, e.g. while watching TV, at the computer, reading, listening to music, or lying in bed.

Will JAS Therapy be Painful?

Absolutely Not! For SPS, Dynamic or Turnbuckle therapy to be effective, the intensity of stretch must be mild, and well below the level of pain at all times.  Also, you have total control of the intensity of stretch while using all JAS device products, with simple to use adjustment knobs.

How long Will I Need the JAS Device?

The average wearing time for our devices is 2-3 months, and varies per individual diagnosis. However, this can be greatly influenced by how soon JAS therapy is started post injury or surgery.  If the JAS device is applied within the first 90 days after trauma or surgery, research has shown significantly greater and faster gains in joint motion.

What About Cost?

Most health insurance companies cover a significant portion of the cost for monthly rental or purchase of a JAS device.  When JAS receives an order, a member of our dedicated customer service staff will contact your insurance company to obtain benefits and authorization information, and will then contact you to review your specific coverage; including what portion of charges your insurer is expected to cover and the remaining balance that is your responsibility.

How Do I Get a JAS Device?

JAS Devices require a prescription from your doctor. If you are suffering from joint ROM loss, ask your doctor or therapist about including a JAS device as part of your home therapy program.