More Reasons to Choose JAS

In addition to offering total ROM therapy options, JAS delivers on unmatched product design, customer service, and history of proven results – to assure you maximal ROM recovery, quickly, easily and painlessly. See why JAS is the true ROM Recovery Specialist:

Superior Product Design

Patented design technology allows JAS systems to deliver pain-free, efficient, and cost-effective ROM therapy through a greater arc of motion than any other brand of stretch device:

  • Easy on Your Joints

    Only JAS offers signature Motion Tower™ and Motion Arc™ technology to safely Unload the Joint™, which avoids painful joint cartilage compression and directs ALL of the stretch force to the soft tissues.

  • Custom Fit for You

    JAS cuffs are individually sized per your unique measurements so your device fits you accurately – and with no added cost, or delay in turn-around time.

  • Two Direction Therapy

    JAS SPS, JAS EZ, JAS GL and even some JAS Dynamic devices are bi-directional, allowing ROM therapy in two directions of joint motion with one device. Most competitive splint brands work in one direction only – doubling device costs and prolonging rehab.

  • Patient-controlled Stretch

    With JAS, you control the degree of stretch at all times with an infinitely adjustable turning knob. This means every treatment session provides pain-free and accurate stretch for your level of stiffness.

  • Shorter Treatment Time

    JAS SPS therapy requires only three 30-minute sessions per day for steady and permanent gains in ROM. Time is precious for everyone, and JAS SPS frees yours up for important activities of daily living.

Recognized Superior Service

As an accredited DME provider with exemplary status, JAS offers unmatched service with quick turnaround time to get you moving and back to life. Our customer service team processes your JAS order for insurance authorization, and a dedicated JAS representative provides hands – on care, including JAS device delivery, fitting, education and ongoing follow-up whenever you need it. JAS also offers full time (8AM – 5 PM CST) telephonic technical support for all customers.

Evidenced Based Results

Successful JAS ROM therapy results – including replacing the need for costly surgery or manipulation – are proven in over 30 peer-reviewed, published studies. Explore our Research and Resources section.