Joint Stiffness and ROM Loss

How Joint Stiffness Develops

Joint stiffness commonly develops as a result of injury and prolonged periods of  immobilization. When your ability to move a joint is temporarily restricted following injury, surgery, or illness, the soft tissues surrounding the joint (e.g ligaments, tendons, joint capsule, skin)  may undergo physiologic changes – by shortening and losing their normal elasticity. The result is joint stiffness and limited range of motion, also known as ROM loss.

Unfortunately, ROM loss often remains after the original injury or surgery has healed. This is unhealthy for joint tissues, and greatly restricts your ability to carry out normal functions with the involved limb. Therapy is often needed to re-stretch the surrounding tissues and restore normal mobility.

The Joint Active Systems portfolio of ROM therapy products provide safe, effective home-based stretch therapy to assist in restoring joint motion