The JAS EZ product line has been expanded to include the new JAS EZ Thumb!

The JAS EZ Thumb offers full-range, bi-directional IP Range of Motion (ROM) therapy – 100º flexion, 10º hyperextension – in a lightweight, low-profile, single-patient use device. An innovative motion tower design, combined with infinitely adjustable ROM, assures precise end-range stretch throughout the entire treatment session. Maximal Total End Range Time (TERT) is achieved for optimal therapeutic benefit.

The JAS EZ Thumb orthoses are custom fabricated, minimizing the need for adjustments. The JAS EZ Thumb utilize proven principles of stress relaxation to achieve permanent restoration of joint ROM in three 30-minute sessions per day.

Features include:

  • Lightweight, easy to apply and simple to use
  • Works in PIP flexion and extension
  • Patient-controlled, infinitely adjustable ROM
  • Fulcrum positioned away from joint

Benefits include:

  • Stabilizes device, maintains proper alignment, prevents rotation during ROM therapy
  • Optimizes patient compliance
  • Saves cost; full-range stress relaxation therapy in one device
  • Assures precise and pain-free end-range stretch; virtually eliminates muscle guarding
  • Eliminates joint compression

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