backpacking accident left New York Philharmonic violist Judy Nelson with two broken arms. Subsequent surgery was successful and able to repair the damage to her arms, but left Nelson with a range of motion issue. “I became alarmed – I lost a lot of range of motion in my left hand … motion I didn’t have the luxury of losing.”

Nelson returned to work, but quickly ran into pain and limitations in her viola playing. “I couldn’t play the way I need to play; the way I WANT to play.” She sought out information about her options, and then learned about Joint Active Systems.

Here’s Judy, telling her story and describing what JAS has meant to her.

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Joint Active Systems provides Range Of Motion solutions via high-compliance, patient-controlled protocol in three, 30-minute sessions a day. Joint Active Systems devices help restore joint range of motion quickly, easily, and painlessly. Learn more about JAS at the Joint Active Systems website:

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