Joint Active Systems, the leading innovator in range of motion therapy, brings 25 years of expertise to the ultrasound therapy market. Announcing JAS Pulse: clinic-strength ultrasound therapy in a convenient and portable size. How does it compare?

T H E   D I F F E R E N C E   I S   I N   T H E   D E T A I L S

JAS Pulse

Affordable Ultrasound

  • Purchase:  Less than $1,200

  • Rental: $80 – $120 / month

  • Average rental per diem usage cost: $2.75 – $4.50

  • Uses ultrasound gel: $4.50 – $8.00 / container

sam® Sport

Expensive to Purchase or Rent

  • Purchase: $2,200*

  • Rental: $150 / month*

  • Average rental per diem usage cost: $8.50*

  • Requires costly single patch: $3.50 / each use*

JAS Pulse

Two Models Available

  • 3 MHz – Upper extremities**

  • 1 MHz – Deep tissue / lower extremities**

sam® Sport

Only One Model Available

  • Only available in 3 MHz

  • Increased treatment time does not affect penetration depth**

JAS Pulse


sam® Sport

  • Traditional clinical power signal strength (Watts) delivered in treatment
  • Low Power (Milliwatts) resulting in longer time application (hours) for effectiveness
  • Short treatment times in 5/10/15 minute sessions
  • 4-8 hours per treatment session for device effectiveness*
  • Two selections of power output ratings (high, low)
  • No choice in selecting output, 1 low voltage setting
  • Patented vibratory massage feedback to indicate when device is coupled and delivering therapy treatment
  • No feedback to patients on coupling of therapeutic ultrasound waves. No assurance of coupling while worn.
  • JAS Pulse requires no special skin surface preparation for usage
  • sam Sport patch uses adhesive to adhere to skin. Possible allergic reaction to adhesive. Must prep skin surface with hair removal and other to insure adhesion. Sweating and movement can cause patch displacement.
  • Thermal feedback sensor uncouples ultrasound to prevent excessive heat on skin
  • Has potential to burn skin surface
  • Unrestricted size of treatment area, can treat smaller surface because of size of ultrasound head
  • Treatment area limited to size of patch
  • Tracks actual usage


* Based on data from industry sources

**Ultrasound Tissue Depth Penetration

1 MHz 3 MHz
Muscle 9.0mm 3.0mm
Fat 50.0mm 16.5mm
Tendon 6.2mm 2.0mm


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