Post-Op, In – Home ROM Therapy Solutions:  If your post-operative patients – such as TKA, ACL Repair, MUA, or Adhesive Capsulitis post Shoulder Surgeries – are challenged with limited access to therapy and at risk for developing joint stiffness, JAS can help now.

In the face of the COVID crisis and social distancing requirements, JAS products are ideal for home ROM therapy.  JAS SPS and Dynamic Splints can be used daily in the comfort of your patient’s home to regain ROM and stay on track for reaching their rehab benchmarks.

Pre-Op ROM Therapy Solutions, for patients awaiting Arthroplasty, MUA, Meniscal Repair etc.: JAS can also help your patients whose surgeries have been delayed, to maintain and / or increase joint ROM with effective, daily home ROM therapy. Joint stiffness is a race against biology; the longer patients delay effective stretching, the more adhesions develop and the stiffer soft tissues become.

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