JAS PULSE Ultrasound Therapy

Clinic Strength Ultrasound Therapy in a Convenient and Portable Size.

For optimal application, now available in 1MHz or 3MHz.

The JAS Pulse™ Ultrasound device generates high frequency sound waves that penetrate tissue with the aid of an ultrasonic gel. JAS Pulse™ Ultrasound Therapy treats injured areas of the body to stimulate blood flow, decrease swelling, reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing.

  • Easy-to-use Interface with State-of-the-art Software
  • Includes Patented Therapeutic Vibratory Massage Feature
  • Ideal for In-Office or At-Home use
  • Thermal Protection Increases Patient Safety


  • Now available in 1MHz and 3MHz for optimal upper extremity application
  • Includes patented therapeutic vibratory massage feature
  • Vibratory feedback indicates coupling
  • Small and convenient design – easy-to-hold and portable
  • Small ergonomic transducer head
  • Thermal protection – increases patient safety
  • Operates in continuous mode (100% duty cycle)
  • Operates in pulse mode (50% duty cycle)
  • Two output intensity settings
  • Three treatment times (5 min, 10 min or 15 min)
  • 12-month warranty
  • The JAS Pulse Ultrasound Therapy unit comes with JAS Pulse device, medical grade AC/DC adapter, convenient travel case, instruction manual and both 8.5 oz. and travel-ready 2.2 oz. ultrasound gel.


  • Stimulates blood flow, decreases swelling, reduces inflammation and promotes tissue healing.
  • Thermal protection increases patient safety
  • Safe, easy, convenient and affordable
  • Relief of pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures associated with:
    • Adhesive capsulitis
    • Bursitis with slight calcification
    • Myositis
    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Shortened tendons due to past injury and scar tissue