I am a fifty-three year old paraplegic who has been confined to a wheelchair for thirty-three years. In rehabilitation my therapists told me that my hamstrings would inevitability shrink and there was nothing to be done. As I aged, despite efforts my hamstrings did shrink and they lost both flexibility and range of motion. Unfortunately, this loss reached a critical point three years ago. The tendons, muscles, and ligaments in my legs became so inflexible and spastic that the simplest daily activities were impossible. My legs reacted so violently to any stimulus, no matter how small, that I was thrown around (and sometimes out) of my wheelchair. They thrashed all night making it impossible to sleep. Initially, a group of physicians prescribed Botox as a treatment; this turned out to be as bad as the spasticity. The Botox spread throughout my body shutting down all my muscles. I could not lift myself, do transfers, raise my arms, or even swallow. At this point, my physical therapist suggested we stretch the muscles using a JAS brace.

This brace has proven to be a real miracle. In the six months I have used it, I have experienced significant improvement in range of motion. I put the brace on both morning and evening for approximately forty-five minutes and this device has gained me forty-five degrees of extension in my right leg and fifty-five degrees of extension in my left. This gain in extension has reduced the spasticity in both legs, making bed-to-wheelchair transfers and all my daily activities much easier. In fact I have gained enough flexibility to transfer from the floor again, a critical ability in the event of a fall, a necessity for independence. The representative from JAS, Paul Gillette, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in demonstrating the use of the device when I received it. He and the JAS engineers were extremely interested in how the device fit my leg. They took pictures and communicated back and forth until they thought the brace fit my leg perfectly. They even sent a new set of longer, looped Velcro straps to make it easier to put the brace on my leg. Throughout the entire process, I have never experienced a more thoughtful, helpful group of professions so eager to aid in my therapy.

I cannot say enough good things about this company, its product, and technical staff.