I am writing to express my enthusiasm over your JAS wrist device.

This past December I had routine carpel tunnel hand surgery which resulted in post-op complications causing my wrist to be locked in a painful and awkward position severely limiting my strength, flexibility and range of motion. You can well imagine that as a wife, mother, pre-school teacher, and avid scrap booker that this was both emotionally and physically devastating!!!

For six weeks following what I had anticipated to be routine hand surgery, I was unable to move or use my right wrist. In mid February after visiting Dr. Thomas Graham, Chief of Hand Surgery at the Curtis Hand Center at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, I was prescribed the JAS wrist device in a last effort to unlock and strengthen my wrist in preparation for extensive bone to bone fusion surgery to correct the misaligned bones in my wrist which had released during the carpel tunnel surgery.

I began using the JAS wrist device on February 24th and was absolutely amazed that each day [I] was making noticeable progress. I continued to see my hand therapist once a week and she was amazed that each visit resulted in dramatically improved flexion, strength and overall mobility.

In March, Dr. Graham was optimistic [JAS wrist device] may indeed prevent me from having involved and invasive bone fusion surgery.

In May, I returned to the original surgeon, Dr. Desai, and he was shocked that I had not had the involved bone Elision surgery to fix my locked wrist and sagging tendon. I showed him the JAS device and he said that he would start using it with future patients based on my progress.

Finally, on June 5th I returned to Dr. Graham for the final decision regarding my need for further surgery. Dr. Graham performed a second fluoroscopy which revealed that the previously misaligned and floating bones in my hand were practically back in their original locations. He was speechless with my dramatic improvement and gave me a clean bill of health with no limitations ruling out hand surgery for me. What more could one ask for than such a positive and happy ending to my six month hand saga?

I applaud your JAS wrist device and credit it with rehabilitating my hand and, in doing so, preventing me from having unnecessary and involved hand surgery. It has been a pleasure working with your outstanding company. I am your biggest cheerleader.