Restore ROM Faster and Better with JAS

The JAS portfolio of adjunctive ROM devices provides patients the necessary dosage of precise, controlled stretch to achieve critical ROM goals – safely, painlessly and cost effectively. Adding JAS to a home rehab program will help patients achieve ROM benchmarks on target, and can prevent the need for corrective surgery or manipulation. Successful JAS outcomes are proven in over 30 published clinical studies.

Whether you choose Static Progressive Stretch (SPS), Dynamic Splinting (DS) or Turnbuckle Therapy for ROM rehab, JAS has you covered – and with solutions that yield faster and better outcomes for your patients.

JAS Offers Total Solutions For ROM Recovery


The pioneering JAS SPS option from the ROM Specialists, JAS SPS delivers patient controlled, time efficient and clinically proven ROM therapy. In just three 30-minute sessions per day, JAS SPS devices safely and painlessly restore joint motion, maximizing patient compliance. The signature JAS Motion Tower™ safely Unloads the Joint™ to optimize patient comfort. Also available in JAS Pediatric sizes for all extremity joints. Explore JAS SPS


The JAS EZ line offers advanced turnbuckle orthosis therapy, in a lightweight, easy-to-use design.  Each JAS EZ device is custom fabricated to the patient’s measurements to assure accurate fit and performance. The JAS EZ Systems patented JAS Motion Arc™ that safely Unloads the Joint™, combined with infinitely adjustable ROM assures precise end range stretch with every use. Explore JAS EZ


JAS GL offers bi-directional SPS therapy in a lightweight and low-profile design, reinforced for additional durability. JAS innovative Motion Arc™ design – combined with infinitely adjustable ROM and fit-to-measure cuffs – assures precise end-range stretch for optimal outcomes. JAS GL devices safely and painlessly restore joint motion, maximizing patient compliance. (JAS GL is available for international, outside-US distribution only). Explore JAS GL

JAS Dynamic

JAS Dynamic couples full range dynamic splint therapy with all the benefits of superior JAS product design – including customized cuffs for optimal fit, signature JAS Motion Tower™ technology to safely Unload the Joint™, and patient controlled dynamic tension adjustment for accurate stretch. The JAS Dynamic system offers a pain-free and efficient solution for dynamic splint therapy – optimizing patient compliance & outcomes. Explore JAS Dynamic

Advance Dynamic

Advance Dynamic offers dynamic splint therapy from JAS in a ready-to-fit, low profile and lightweight design. Shape-To-Fit contour cuffs and plush memory foam pads assure a precise fit and optimal comfort during use. Advance Dynamic ROM splints from JAS include integrated tension control – allowing patients to optimize spring tension by simply rotating a lever by hand – no tools required! Explore Advance Dynamic

What Sets JAS Apart?

JAS moves beyond convention to optimize the benefits of SPS, DS and Turnbuckle orthosis therapy for patients needing ROM recovery solutions. To assure the best possible outcomes with each device we deliver, JAS offers patients, therapists, physicians and health care plans the following unique benefits:

Patient-controlled Therapy

JAS devices allow patients to control the degree of stretch at all times with an infinitely adjustable turning knob. Pain, risk of tissue injury, and muscle guarding are virtually eliminated as a result.

Shorter Treatment Time

Numerous published studies support a JAS SPS device wearing protocol of three 30-minute sessions per day for steady and permanent gains in ROMTime is precious for everyone, and JAS SPS allows patients use of their limb for important activities of daily living.

Custom-fit to Each Patient

JAS cuffs are individually sized per each patient’s measurements so every device fits accurately.  This assures patient comfort, prevention of skin injury, and most importantly precise end-range stretch – and with no added cost, or delay in order turn-around time.

Bi-directional Product Options For Cost And Efficiency

JAS SPS, JAS EZ, JAS GL and even some JAS Dynamic devices are bi-directional, allowing ROM therapy in two directions of joint motion with one device. Most competitive splint brands work in one direction only – requiring two devices for patients with bi-directional ROM loss – doubling device costs and prolonging rehab.

Purposeful Engineering

Only JAS offers signature Motion Tower™ and Motion Arc™ technology to safely Unload the Joint™, assuring home stretch therapy is safe to the articular joint, and stretch forces are maximized to the soft tissues.

Unequaled Patient Compliance

For any home ROM therapy program to be effective, patients must be compliant! The patented product design features  – available only from JAS – offer comfort, ease of use, patient-controlled therapy, and short treatment time – fostering unmatched patient compliance and delivering superior clinical outcomes.

A 10-year prospective analysis (Sodhi et al, 2018) of 6000 patients treated with a JAS ROM therapy device showed significant and consistent improvement in reported patient satisfaction over time – as measured by improved pain, stiffness, swelling and mobility. Study data suggests that JAS’ commitment to continuous improvement in product design and service is directly related to continuous improvement in patient outcomes.