Advance Dynamic Elbow Extension

The Advance Dynamic family of braces are versatile, easy to apply, comfortable telescoping braces that provide an early low-load prolonged stretch to achieve permanent ROM gains without significant pain or tissue damage. The shape-to-fit contour cuffs and plush memory foam pads contour to a patient’s limb, providing a precise fit following surgery or injury. Telefit technology and comfortable straps allow for ideal adjustment and comfort during rehabilitation.


  • Soft, repositionable “memory foam” cuff pads adapt to the limb contour and help reduce pressure points
  • Patented, adjustable tension spring delivers gentle and consistent tension across the full deflection range
  • Moldable contour cuffs and easy-to-adjust struts make custom fitting simple and precise
  • Integrated adjustment controls – no separate tools to keep track of


  • Improves ROM quicker when combined with early intervention programs
  • Patients can use at home to enhance therapy in the clinic
  • Fewer adjustments needed – maintains tension with little or no end-range drop off
  • Wear while sleeping or resting to achieve permanent ROM gains